Our view:

The College can assist reporters, feature writers and workplace freelance writers as well as assignment editors, and editorial board members.

As a body made up of the best and brightest individuals in the field of Labor and Employment Law, we recognize the critical importance of honest and accurate reporting and fair representation of the laws, the individuals, and processes that make up our area of legal focus and practice. The College is available to all media channels and representatives as a means of support and clarification as it may apply to the efforts of the media to better understand labor and employment law at the local, state and national levels.

For more information, please contact our administrative office at 410–972-4711 or email our Executive Director, Susan Wan, at swan@laborandemploymentcollege.org

The College does not provide legal counsel or advice. Fellows of the College may be available to provide legal counsel in their individual capacities as labor and employment lawyers .