The College currently has several opportunities for Fellows to participate in activities. The following descriptions are provided to familiarize our membership with their functions. 


Circuit Credentials Committee

The Circuit Credentials Committees have proven to be a vital part of the College's nomination process. Job requirements are limited to an eight to ten week period beginning February 1st of each year to help with due diligence on candidates from a particular circuit. We try and maintain a balanced representation of the various disciplines for each circuit committee, as well as a balanced geographical spread. Members serve in staggering terms in an effort to retain committee consistency and standardization.

Civility and Professionalism Committee

Starting with the creation of the College's Principles of Civility and Professionalism in 2006, the primary charge of this Committee is the fulfillment of one of the basic purpose and goal of the College: the study and enhancement of principles of professionalism and civility as they relate to the practice of labor and employment law. To fulfill this function, the Committee will take a leading role in disseminating the principles to the federal bar; to state bar associations, as well as developing a professionalism training module that can be delivered by Fellows in various parts of the country. 

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee oversees the newsletter content and subject matter, and also judges the papers submitted for the College's Law School Student Writing Competition. The newsletter is a popular and impressive publication that is printed two to four times a year for our Fellows. Currently, they are based on the "themed" issue premise, whereby a question or issue is posed to the membership and all Fellows are invited to respond in an article format. In addition, the submission of individual accomplishments, honors and achievements of all Fellows are encouraged. The writing competition, open to all currently enrolled law school students, seeks submissions on a labor and employment law topic of their choice. The committee reviews, discusses and recommends the first, second and third place winners to the Board of Governors. Winners will have their article printed with the next newsletter, posted on the College website and are presented with a monetary award. 

Regional Activity Committee

These committees will foster regional activity among Fellows in a number of venues, including panel discussions, lectures, dinners and other collegial situations that allow for Fellows to meet on a regular basis as well as allowing for exposure of the College and it's purpose to younger lawyers and the community at large. Regional Activity Committee members are needed countrywide to organize and plan such events. 

Technology/Website Committee

Providing leadership for greater purpose makes it imperative that the College maintain cutting edge technology through it's website. As a service to our Fellows, and the public at large, it is important to have a committee dedicated to serving this purpose. The committee will monitor and regularly review the College's website for content, relevance and usefulness to maintain that high quality value. The work of this committee can easily be deemed as one of the more important jobs, as it represents the initial "first impression" and ultimate representation of who we are. 

Video History Committee

The College began work on this major project with the idea of preserving and perpetuating the history of significant events in the field of labor and employment law through the medium of video. The committee has overall responsibility for directing the project and selecting the historical events, including the identification of the participants, producing the script (i.e., a topic outline to guide participants) and developing a reading list or written materials to accompany the program. Other opportunities for Fellows to participate can be found in the marketing and fundraising aspect of this project. Our first one hour show has been completed and we are now seeking the audience for this and future productions, as well as financial support to continue the project itself.