The Board of Governors consists of sixteen Fellows representing all four disciplines. Governors serve two terms on the Board, each term being three years long. Officers of the College are elected from the membership of the Board to act in one of four capacities, serving one year in each of those capacities. The following Fellows are currently serving on the Board of Governors, and some, as Officers of the College.


  • David Borgen - President
  • Alan Symonette - Vice-President
  • Arlene Switzer Steinfield - Secretary
  • Lisa B. Moss - Treasurer
  • John R. Runyan, Jr. - Immediate Past President

Executive Director

  • Susan Wan

Past Presidents

Lynne E. Deitch - 2018
Norman Brand - 2017
Alan B. Epstein - 2016
Donald D. Slesnick, II - 2015
William J. Kilberg - 2014
John E. Sands - 2013
Donald L. Sapir - 2012
Joel A. D'Alba - 2011
Barry J. Kearney - 2010
Maurice Wexler - 2009
Lonny H. Dolin - 2008
Joel C. Glanstein - 2007
Hope B. Eastman - 2006
John E. Higgins, Jr. - 2005
Joseph D. Garrison - 2004
Robert M. Dohrmann - 2003
Stephen P. Pepe - 2002
Harold J. Datz - 2001
Vicki Lafer Abrahamson - 2000
Donald P. MacDonald - 1999
Charles A. Powell, III - 1998
Stephen E. Tallent - 1996 and 1997

A President's Perspective

A President’s Perspective, commonly referred to as “The Presidents Book”, has been updated to include the five most recent College Presidents. This retrospect on the first twenty years of the College offers insights from those who have graciously served at the helm of this organization, from its infancy thru 2015. The complete publication is available for viewing or download here.