Membership is by nomination only, limited to those who have met the qualifications described below for a period of not less than twenty years. Membership honors those lawyers who have demonstrated to their peers, the bar, bench and public through long performance related to the practice of Labor and Employment Law that they represent. 

  • The highest professional qualifications and ethical standards based on the College's acclaimed Principles of Civility and Professionalism
  • The highest level of character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership
  • A commitment to fostering and furthering the objectives of the College
  • Sustained, exceptionally high-quality services to clients, bar, bench and public
  • Significant evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing and/or published writings on Labor and Employment Law

Member classes are made up of:

  • Fellows
  • Honorary Fellows, including those not in the practice of law who have given outstanding services and contributions to Labor and Employment Law
  • Emeritus Fellows, who are over the age of seventy and retired.

Any two Fellows in good standing may propose nominations. Applications are accepted September 1st through February 1st.  Nominees are reviewed and evaluated once each year by the Board of Governors and those selected are inducted as Fellows at the next Annual Meeting of the College.

To view a listing of current members, CLICK HERE.